When coach Denley and I first met, I would have described myself as a tall & uncoordinated big-man that had no basic skill set other than a right-hand pound dribble. I also couldn't make a shot outside the key. After working with coach, I learned a lot more about the game. My basketball IQ and overall knowledge of the game skyrocketed. My athletic ability and mobility also increased too. Where my game improved the most would have to be my shooting. He fixed my form and helped me become a perimeter shooter. After shooting, we fixed my handle. Needless to say, I feel like I am where I am now because of coach's help. He helped me go from a basic big-man to a 6'4 guard.

Stefan Njegovan, 16

When coach Chris started coaching me I was already playing on the Ontario provincial basketball team. However, I was looking for a good team to play with after the school year. Coach Chris and James helped my skill tremendously. They gave me a lot of confidence to shoot the ball and play my way. Letting me play my game while helping me improve my skill. These coaches' guidance is so big for me as a player and a man. Coach James is a big inspiration because he was a great CIS player and coach Chris is one of the best basketball minds I have ever met.

Tyson Lama, 15

Before joining the club I used to be much less efficient and careless. I hadn’t realized the importance of endurance and shooting. Also, coming to the club has made me more flexible compared to the old me. I am able to do everything now, not just offense. Coming here has made me finally realize that basketball is not just something you do to score baskets, it's much more than that.

Momin Loffelmann,15

When I first started with coach Chris I had a very limited skill set. I was mostly a shooter that couldn’t really handle the ball that well. A year and a half into my time with Chris as my coach, I would consider myself a very good ball handler who can now create off the dribble with ease. Chris and his training also taught me how to use stepbacks and footwork that allows me to create space to get good shots up. Another aspect of my game that has developed is I’m in great shape and I don’t get tired on the court. Under Chris coaching I went from a division 13 player to an OBLX champion and OBLX MVP and have felt a lot better about my game.

Nathan Bureau,16

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