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reimagining basketball

Burloak Basketball provides basketball programs for kids and youth aged 4 to 18 

With home court advantage and high quality coaches, our programs focus on skills, techniques and discipline.  

Our coaches focus on coaching. Our players focus on playing.

Our parents focus on watching their children play the game they love!

What Makes Burloak Different?



Our Rep basketball program is designed to take the most passionate players and immerse them in an environment that emphasizes development and teamwork.


The Jr. Bruins Program is the perfect starter program for ages 4-6 and 7-10.


For ages 9-18, players will learn the fundamental skills needed in order to play basketball on training days and will test these new skills on game days. 

Image by Mira Kireeva

Specialized Training is offered on a 1-on-1 basis or in small group sessions.


We look to find and showcase talent at the highest level across North America. This program allows our student athletes to live locally while attending Schools in the Halton District.

Image by Abhay siby Mathew

Stay tuned for more information on Winter Break, March Break and PA Day Camps.


Burloak Basketball is the first club in the GTA to reimagine the structure in which youth basketball is administered. While the sport is fun in and of itself, we believe that the way basketball is consumed has changed, but club basketball has not yet changed with it.  At Burloak Basketball, we want to highlight the experiences that all of our players have while they play throughout the year. In this new age, this begins with technology.  Instead of players telling their parents about something that happened on the court, we want them to be able to show them.
This starts at the very top. We believe that our strong foundation Will allow our coaches to focus on coaching, our players to focus on playing, and our parents to focus on watching their children play the game they love!


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“I feel like I am where I am now because of coach's help. He helped me go from a basic big-man to a 6'4 guard.  ”

Stefan Njegovan, 16

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