Rep Teams

Our Rep basketball program is designed to immerse passionate players in an environment that emphasizes development and teamwork. 
Our unique model of 12 months of defined training, include several training sessions per week, participation in several tournaments, and have a league schedule where they will compete against the best teams Ontario has to offer for that age group. 
Your rep fees also INCLUDE the ability to attend scheduled summer camps.

Athlete Offers

Each athlete selected will receive a formal offer via email. Once you receive your offer, you will be required to register under the team you were offered a spot on for the club within 48 hours. 

There is an initial administrative fee is due to paid prior to October 1, and your offer will not be confirmed until this fee is paid. If the fee is not paid on time, you will be sent a “De-commitment” letter that releases your spot to another player.

Fees can vary by team depending on the competition schedule and the gear/apparel package that is selected by each athlete. Fees include a choice in gear packages where the cost will be outlined in your offer letter and must be paid directly by selecting the appropriate package during your registration on PlayBook. The athletes are required to attend a fitting day to ensure the sizing selected at the time of registration is accurate. The fitting day will be communicated later.

Gear will not be distributed until the fee is paid.