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The Meat Grinder 2.0 Challenge

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Want to test your fitness during the quarantine? The Meat Grinder is a grueling workout that I have used for many years across all levels of players. Whenever I've called out that drill name in the past all you would hear were sighs.....

Despite the drill being intense, players have always come out on the other side a little better than they were before.

For the players that want to stay in shape, or even get in better shape, I have created an at-home version of the drill. I challenge anyone to try it!!!

Watch how it's done below!

The Challenge:

  1. 17's Run in an open space 50 Feet and back 17 times

  2. 25 Broad Jumps

  3. 10 On Ball Push-ups

  4. 10 on 2 Ball Push-ups

  5. 25 Squats

  6. 45 Second On Ball Superman

  7. 45 Wall Sit

  8. Make 10 FT (Not as easy when your arms and legs are tired!)

The workout works best with no more than 30 seconds between exercises.

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