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Home Workout Series 2: Strength and Power

Vertical Leap

3 Sets of 5

Starting position: Standing tall, feet are hip distance apart, arms pulled tall above head (if you have room).

Snap arms down beside side of body to generate momentum for your jump.

Hips draw backwards into a hinge position to generate force as your arms are drawn back.

Squeeze your glutes, extend your ankles, knees, and hips (also known as triple extension), and explode off the ground, jumping for height. Land softly to protect your joints (this will encourage longevity in your basketball career). Take a breath, reset to starting position.

Lateral Bound and Stick

3 Sets of 5 Left and Right

Starting position: Start in athletic position with one foot in contact with the floor and opposite arm in athletic position in front of your body. Preform a shallow dip with leg that is in contact with floor to generate momentum. Explode to the side (laterally) off planted foot, and softy land on opposite foot. When exploding, ensure core, glutes, hips, knee, and ankle are all extended and engaged.

Glute Bridge and Single Leg Glute Bridge

3 Sets of 12 and 3 Sets of 8 Left and Right

Starting position: Back and feet are flush to the ground. Heel come close to your glutes so you can just brush your heels with your fingertips.

Level 1: Engage your core and glutes (preforming an anterior pelvic tuck). Once glutes are squeezed together, drive upper back and heels into the ground, and lift hips off the ground until you make a straight line from your chest to your knees. Hold for one second, then slowly lower.

Level 2: Same as “Level 1”, but only one foot is in contact with the ground.

Note: Glutes and core should ALWAYS be engaged during this exercise.

Side Plank

3 sets of 20 seconds Left and Right

Starting position: Start with elbow stacked under your shoulder, feet stacked on top of each other. Engage core and glutes so your body makes one fluid line from head to toes.

Once there, squeeze as hard as you can for 20s while maintaining the starting position. Switch sides.


3 sets of 12

Grab a duffle bag or backpack. Add a few textbooks, and voila, you have weights for this exercise.

Starting position: Feet are hip distance apart, core is engaged, and stand tall.

Slowly shift your weight backwards into your midfoot and heels pulling your hips back to the wall behind you until you feel tension (a pull like sensation) in your hamstrings. Hold that position for 1 second, then return to standing by squeezing your glutes.

Note: Always maintain a flat back by keeping your core and glutes engaged. Make sure your chest is always above your hips.

Bent Over Rows

3 Sets of 10 Left and Right

Starting position: Feet are shoulder distance apart, slight bend in your knees, hinge your hips back, and make contact with one hand on your chair/bench/table. Free shoulder blade should be packed back and down away from your ears. With free hand grab your duffle bag from ground, and pinch the space between your shoulder blades together. Start to bend arm until upper arm makes a parallel line with your body, keeping arm at a 45-degree angle from your body. Hold for 1 second. Then slowly lower bag to stating position.

To challenge yourself… slow down the movement, or add more weight to your bag.

Reverse Fly

3 Sets of 10 seconds Left and Right

Starting position: Feet shoulder distance apart, body hinged at hips (similar to the bent over row), core engaged. Arms will be mainly straight with a slight bend in the elbows, aimed down to the floors. With weights, keep arms extended, and pinch together shoulder blades to get to top of the movement. Hold pose for one second, then slowly lower.

Tricep Dips

3 Sets of 12

You can use a chair, table, or bench for this exercise.

Starting position: Arms will be shoulder distance apart and wrists are stacked under shoulders. Feet will be walk out away from upper body (the further you move your feet from your upper body, the more difficult you make the exercise). While keeping your core engaged, slowly lower your body closer to the floor. Once your hover above the floor, hold for a second, and drive back up to start.

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