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Home Workout Series: Strength and Speed

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Broad Jumps 3 sets of 5

Body Weight and Explosive Tempo

Starting position: Standing tall, feet are hip distance apart, arms pulled tall above head (if you have room).

Snap arms down beside side of body to generate momentum for your jump.

Hips draw backwards into a hinge position to generate force as your arms are drawn back.

Squeeze your glutes, extend your ankles, knees, and hips (also known as triple extension), and explode off the ground, jumping for distance. Land softly to protect your joints (this will encourage longevity in your basketball career). Take a breath, reset to starting position.

Lateral Switches 3 sets of 5 Left and Right

Body Weight and Explosive Tempo

Starting position: Start in athletic position with foot that’s closer to midline, slightly ahead of outside foot. More weight will always be applied to midline foot. Maintain opposite arm and opposite foot position throughout switches (as if you are running). Explode off of inside foot to transfer weight to opposite foot (as of you are changing directions in a game. Weight should always be in the foot of the directions you intend to go. This will give you a quicker first step, and the ability to change direction more efficiently. Try to keep your head at same level through the entire movement.

Dead Bugs 3 sets of 8 Left and Right

Body Weight and Slow Tempo

Starting position: Back is flush to the ground, hips and knees maintain a 90-degree angle, arms stacked above shoulders.

Level 1: Maintain the 90-degree knee angle and tap on heel down on the ground. Bring leg back to starting position and switch legs.

Level 2: Same as “Level 1”, but fully extend leg to hover over the ground.

Level 3: Same as “Level 2”, but apply opposite arm pressure to static leg. Preform all reps on one side, then switch to opposite side.

Note: Lower back should ALWAYS maintain contact with the ground. You can ensure this by squeezing your core tightly throughout entire exercise.

V-Sits 3 sets of 12

Body Weight and Slow Tempo

Starting position: Start laying with your back on the ground (supine position), arms above head on ground.

Level 1: Engage core drive chest and knees off the ground and together, hold for a second, then return to beginning.

Level 2: Engage core driving chest and straight legs together while maintaining a tall chest. Hold for a second, then control body back to start position.

Squats 3 sets of 12

Grab a duffle bag or backpack. Add a few textbooks, and voila, you have weights for this exercise.

Starting position: Feet are shoulder distance apart, toes slightly angled out, core is engaged, and stand tall.

Slowly shift your weight backwards into your midfoot and heels as if you were sitting down on a chair.

Keep your core engaged, chest up tall, and hold that position at the bottom of a squat for 1 second.

Squeeze your glutes and drive back up to starting position.

Push Up 3 sets of 8

Starting position: Tall plank position. Hands under shoulders, pushing body away from the ground, body is squeezed and flat, front of pelvis is scooped up toward chin (also known as a slight anterior pelvic tilt).

Slowly bring your chest to hover above floor level while maintaining a flat engaged core/body. Arms should be 45 degrees away from the body (no more), and shoulders should be away from you ears. Hold position at bottom for one second, then push away from ground to starting position.

Level 1: Incline pushup. You can use a bench or chair to elevate your upper body.

Level 2: Floor pushup. Both hands and feet are on the floor.

Level 3: Decline pushup. Feet will be elevated on stair, chair, or block, and hands will remain on the floor.

Single Leg ISO Wall Sit 10 Seconds Left and Right

Starting position: Hips and knees should be at a 90-degree angle, back flush with the wall, chest tall, core engaged.

Once at 90 degrees, lift one leg off the ground. Leg that is grounded should be continuously squeezed, driving leg into the floor.

Maintain level pelvis by engaging your core throughout entire movement.

Body Saw 3 sets of 10

Body Weight with 2 sec push 1 sec hold 2 sec Pull

You can use sliders (if you own them) or throw on a pair of socks, and do this exercises on a tile/hardwood floor.

Starting position: Low plank position, shoulders stacked above your elbows, body is long and flat, everything is squeezed, and you are pushing your body away from the ground.

Apply pressure into your forearms and push your whole body as a unit away from your hands. Keep your core strong! Pull body back to starting position.

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