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A participant whose signature appears below acknowledges the following terms and conditions for participating in Burloak Basketball during the COVID – 19 pandemic.


  1. During indoor training sessions, Burloak Basketball will not permit more than 18 players and 3 coaches inside the facility. Subject to change according to the province of Ontario and their guidelines pertaining to COVID – 19.

  2. Players or parents that have traveled outside of the country are not permitted to be on any Burloak Basketball premises until such persons have been isolated for 14 days.

  3. Parents are required to leave the Burloak Basketball premises in a timely manner to assist in social distancing measures. We ask that parents do not enter the gym.

  4. In situations where a parent must be present on the Burloak premises, we ask that parents wear a mask or covering over the mouth and nose.

  5. Sanitation stations will be provided by Burloak Basketball. Such stations will include disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes.

  6. All common areas will be sanitized between sessions.

  7. Players/participants are required to stay 2 meters apart in-between drills and sessions.

  8. There will be 15 minutes between sessions to allow for the exit of one group and the entrance of another to avoid excessive social contact. All players must leave the premises in a timely manner to ensure safe transitions.

  9. Players are asked to bring their own basketball and equipment to all practices and events. Sharing is heavily discouraged to ensure the safety of all members.

  10. All coaches are required to wear masks and gloves during all sessions.

  11. Players or family members that believe to have been exposed to COVID – 19 must refrain from the premises for 14 days or show proof of a negative test.

  12. Burloak Basketball will adhere to all protocols as administered by the provincial and federal governments.

  13. All participants must complete the screening process as administered by the club.





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